Visit to Compiegne

Over two immersive days, the project team engaged in a series of enlightening sessions and platform visits at the University Of Technology Of Compiègne, gaining invaluable insights into the future of education and technology. 

Day 1: 

The visit began with a warm welcome from Johana Daaboul and Claire Rossi, setting the step for collaborative exploration. 


After the introduction from all the partners the team explored the integration of an interactive table with screen workflow, fostering both individual and collaborative learning environments.


Practical considerations regarding laboratory equipment and data collection for learning analytics analysis were meticulously addressed, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

Day 2: 

The second day saw the team dive deeper into experimentation methodologies and data gathering techniques, led by Mohammad. Insights into tools like Oxalic for tracking student activity in online courses were shared, underscoring the project’s commitment to data-driven decision-making.


Presentations on UTC Experimentation and discussions with Runar Stokke from UiB provided invaluable perspectives on laboratory trials and research protocols.


Project management discussions led by Jorunn and Mohammad ensured alignment and clarity on future steps.


The visit was concluded with a note to collaborate and contribute towards shaping the future of education.