Remote Labs in RIALHE

Exome Sequencing


Students will see live selected steps of an exome sequencing protocol and experience the rest of the steps in asynchronous mode.

Learning objective: Learn the main steps of an exome sequencing protocol.

Research activity: Molecular diagnosis of monogenic diseases is certainly the most accurate way for patient diagnosis and prognosis. DNA sequencing is the process of determining the nucleic acid sequence of a DNA fragment. Through sequencing, it is possible to map the genome, i.e. the organism’s complete set of genetic instructions. However, the gene that causes the disease is not always known. With the development of Next Generation Sequencing technologies, “NGS”, exome sequencing protocols were developed. They are based on investigating the exome, which constitutes approximately 1% of the human genome but harbors 85% of the mutations with large effects on disease-related traits.

Live session day and time: On-demand

Language: Italian/English

Instructor: Jessica Milina

Lab Researcher: Roberto Cusano, Jessica Milia

Target group: Master students level

Metagenomics based enzyme discovery

Learning objective: The course aims to give a thorough introduction to molecular microbiology

Live session day and time: Coming soon……

Language: English

Instructor: Runar Stokke

Lab Researcher: Runar Stokke

Target group: Master students level

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 

Learning objective: To advance UAV capabilities for autonomous operation in complex environments, both independently and in collaboration with humans and other robots

Research activity: The SyRI team at Heudiasyc focuses on developing embedded systems for UAVs to enhance their autonomous operation in complex environments. Their research includes creating advanced navigation algorithms, improving human-UAV interaction, and developing methods for efficient multi-UAV coordination.

Live session day and time: 

Language: English

Instructor: CASTILLO-GARCIA Pedro

Lab Researcher: CASTILLO-GARCIA Pedro

Target group: