A Journey Begins: the RIALHE Project Kicks Off in Bergen, Norway

On the 17th of November, 2022, the RIALHE project started on its exciting journey with a successful kick-off meeting held in Bergen, Norway.

Led by Mohammad Khalil, a senior researcher at SLATE (Centre for Science of Learning and Technology) and the project lead, the meeting commenced on a high note, with attendees warmly welcomed and eager to collaborate.

The event provided a platform for all partners to introduce themselves, laying the foundation for fruitful cooperation. Barbara Wasson, the director of SLATE, offered insights into the organization’s mission and goals. Cristian Lai provided an overview of CRS4 (Center for Advanced Studies, Research, and Development in Sardinia), while Thierry Gidel shared information about UTC (University Of Technology Of Compiègne).

Project Summary and Management Insights:

During the kick-off meeting, Kamila Misiejuk, researcher at SLATE,  presented a concise summary of the project proposal. Discussions revolved around the implementation of learning analytics for synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Jorunn Viken led management discussions, covering budget, timesheet reporting, and staff coordination.

Stay updated:

With clear objectives and effective management strategies, the RIALHE project is set to make significant progress. Follow us for more information about our innovative initiatives and collaborations.